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ILST Saturday at 1 pm

Recently elected and appointed Scouts area invited to attend Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops training on Saturday, May 30th, from 1 – 4 pm. Completion of ILST entitles Scouts to wear the “Trained” badge while they are in the position for which they are trained, and is a prerequisite for more advanced Boy Scout leadership classes. It is not required for service in a position of responsibility, but is recommended and is useful. See the new page on the troop website at to be in the know about who has which duty.

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Memorial Day Celebration

Join the celebration on Memorial Day at Memorial Park hosted by Heroes of the Heartland Foundation. Participation is a great way to recognize the contributions of military and first responders to our nation and is a civic service project as well. Community service starts at 10 am Monday, and the program starts at 11 to last one hour. Scouts and their families are invited to attend.

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Shooting sports day

Scouts, remember your scout essentials for a day of recreational shooting sports Saturday, May 9rh. Don’t forget a sack lunch. We will be able to use the rifle, pellet gun, and archery ranges at Schramm State Park in the morning. These ranges plus the shotgun range will also be available in the afternoon for $3 each. Bring your essentials for hiking, including a compass, clothing suitable for the weather, and sturdy shoes. Drivers will be able to drop you off at home in the afternoon.

Be prepared!
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Camping Merit Badge Saturday, May 2nd


This Saturday, May 2, the Dundee Memorial Park Association will be cleaning up Elmwood Creek and Mr. Melvin said this would satisfy the Camping Merit Badge Requirement 9c. We are meeting at the Elmwood Park pavilion at 9am for snacks, drinks and instructions. The project will last until noon, but come even if can’t be there the whole time..

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