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Scouting for Food Saturday

Updated numbers at completion of the service project:

Scouts, Scouters, and Family Members contributed 42 hours hours of service on April 2nd and 9th for the annual Scouting For Food service project that provided 115 items and $100 donated to the Food Bank of the Heartland! Every patrol was helpful:

Ion Dragons Patrol 7.5 hours

Spartans Patrol 6 hours

Radioactive Llamas Patrol 6 hours

Wolverines Patrol 3 hours

Big Bang Patrol 1.5 hours

Eagles Patrol 1.5 hours

In addition, scouters and family members contributed 16.5 hours to make the service project successful.

Thank you!

Mr A

All members of every patrol are needed for the annual Scouting For Food service project. Bring a wagon or ask a driver to help carry the food donations. For service projects, numbers count: Last week, eight scouts distributed 1000 door hangers in our neighborhood over 1.5 hours. This week, we can expect to collect hundreds of items for donation to the Food Bank for the Heartland. Meet at 9 am Saturday at the Dundee Presbyterian Church, which will also be the donation drop-off spot.

Here’s more numbers to show value the service project to our community:

66 percent of client households served by the Food Bank have incomes below the federal poverty line.
85 percent of client households served by the Food Bank’s emergency food programs report low or very low food security.
23 percent of clients are children under the age of 18 years old.

Mr. A

Congratulations troop leadership

Congratulations to the following Scouts having been elected to serve the troop as patrol leaders.

Senior Patrol Leader: Simon
Big Bang: Mike
Eagles: Cole
Ion Dragons: Diego
Spartans: Mathieu
Radioactive Llamas: Richard
Wolverines: Will

These Scouts will serve a six-month term starting April 4th, except Ion Dragons who will elect a new patrol leader more frequently so that all the members have an opportunity within the first year.

Appointed troop positions of responsibility will be selected by the SPL with the scoutmaster’s advice (with a couple exceptions). If you are a scout in the troop and would like to serve in a particular position, tell the new SPL for his consideration when making appointments. The current leaders and a short description of their duties are available at

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