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Cooking & Pantry

Items Available from the Troop 42 Pantry

3 sticks of butter                                         bread crumbs

2-lg tub margarine                                      2-reg size can diced tomatoes

1-pkg pizza crust mix                                 1-pkg cornbread mix

9lb Pancake/Waffle mix                              1lg/1sm jar of Peanut Butter

1-bottle of oil                                              1/2 can spray pam

4-pkg of 6 bars each Hershey bars             Suryp

1-can cherry pie filling                                  Graham Crackers

1/3 can coffee                                           1/4-small can of decaf coffee

1-jar instant coffee                                       2-Powdered creamer

1/2 container lemonade                                2-bags lg marshmallow

Tang                                                            hot cocoa

1-bottle ranch dressing                               ketchup

salt/pepper                                                 2-diced tomato with green chilis

chili powder                                                 ground cumin

chicken bullion                                            1-butter buds

3/4 can dried egg white                               1-can of corn

4-roll of crackers                                          can of hash

2-taco packets                                             3-pkt ranch mix

can black beans



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