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Election Duty

Attention Scouts, family members and friends…Troop 42 NEEDS YOU!!

Tuesday April 4th we will be assisting the election Commission in collecting ballots. This is both a service project for the scouts and a fundraiser for the troop. Troop 42 NEEDS to provide 50 volunteers for this project.
Where: Douglas County Election Office 225 North 115th Street
Time7:15 Arrival for orientation
We had an extremely low turnout (4 scouts) for scouting for food door hanger distribution Saturday…we can not have that happen here, or we will lose this opportunity in the future.   This is a crucial fundraiser for the troop (we get paid for our time), and we risk losing the opportunity if we don’t have a turnout of at least 50 people – you can brings friends, neighbors, and family members, so go do some recruiting!
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