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Six-Week COVID-19 Challenge!

Six-Week Challenge-short

Week 1 March 30 – April 6, 2020 Cyber Chip Annual Renewal (Marc)

Scouts complete either the Cyber Chip for their grade or the annual renewal if they have already completed the Cyber Chip for their grade. Counts for Scout, Star, or Digital Technology MB. Marc is in charge.


Week 2 April 7 – 13, 2020 Scouting Memorabilia collection (Pam A.)

Inspired by Scouting Heritage MB requirement #6.

Make a collection of some of your personal patches and other Scouting memorabilia. With their permission, you may include items borrowed from family members or friends who have been in Scouting in the past, or you may include photographs of these items. Show this collection to your counselor, and share what you have learned about items in the collection. (There is no requirement regarding how large or small this collection must be.)


Week 3 April 14 – 20, 2020 Hike with Your Family (Corey)

Inspired by Hiking MB requirement #4

Take the five following hikes, each on a different day, and each of continuous miles. These hikes MUST be taken in the following order:

  • One 5-mile hike
  • Three 10-mile hikes
  • One 15-mile hike

You may stop for as many short rest periods as needed, as well as one meal, during each hike, but not for an extended period (example: overnight). Prepare a written hike plan before each hike and share it with your Scoutmaster or a designee. Include map routes, a clothing and equipment list, and a list of items for a trail lunch. *

* The required hikes for this badge may be used in fulfilling hiking requirements for rank advancement. However, these hikes cannot be used to fulfill requirements of other merit badges.


Week 4 April 21 – 27, 2020 Scout Skill Demonstration Video (John)

Inspired by either Movie Making MB #4.d. for a video:

Using motion picture shooting techniques, plan ONE of the following programs. Start with a treatment and complete the requirement by presenting this program to a pack or your troop, patrol, or class.

(1)    Film or videotape a court of honor and show it to an audience.

(2)    Create a short feature of your own design, using the techniques you learned.

(3)    Shoot a vignette that could be used to train a new Scout in a Scouting skill.

Or, inspired by Photography MD #7 from Photography MB for a photo slideshow:

Using images other than those created for requirements 4, 5 or 6, produce a visual story to document an event to photograph OR choose a topic that interests you to photograph. Do the following:

a)      Plan the images you need to photograph for your photo story.

b)      Share your plan with your counselor, and get your counselor’s input and approval before you proceed.

c)       Select eight to 12 images that best tell your story. Arrange your images in order and mount the prints on a poster board, OR create an electronic presentation. Share your visual story with your counselor.


Week 5 April 28 – May 4, 2020 Backyard Wilderness Survival (Mike)

Inspired by Wilderness Survival MB requirement #8:

Improvise a natural shelter. For the purpose of this demonstration, use techniques that have little negative impact on the environment. Spend a night in your shelter.


Week 6 May 11 – May 18, 2020 Cooking at Home (Richard)

Inspired by Cooking MB requirement #4:

Cooking at home. Using the MyPlate food guide or the current USDA nutrition model, plan menus for three full days of meals (three breakfasts, three lunches, and three dinners) plus one dessert. Your menus should include enough to feed yourself and at least one adult, keeping in mind any special needs (such as food allergies) and how you keep your foods safe and free from cross-contamination. List the equipment and utensils needed to prepare and serve these meals. Then do the following:

a.       Create a shopping list for your meals showing the amount of food needed to prepare and serve each meal, and the cost for each meal.
b.       Share and discuss your meal plan and shopping list with your counselor.
c.       Using at least five of the 10 cooking methods from requirement 3 (baking, boiling, broiling, pan frying, simmering, steaming, microwaving, grilling, foil cooking, and use of a Dutch oven), prepare and serve yourself and at least one adult (parent, family member, guardian, or other responsible adult) one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one dessert from the meals you planned.*
d.       Time your cooking to have each meal ready to serve at the proper time. Have an adult verify the preparation of the meal to your counselor.
e.       After each meal, ask a person you served to evaluate the meal on presentation and taste, then evaluate your own meal. Discuss what you learned with your counselor, including any adjustments that could have improved or enhanced your meals. Tell how planning and preparation help ensure a successful meal.

*The meals for requirement 4 may be prepared on different days, and they need not be prepared consecutively. The requirement calls for Scouts to plan, prepare, and serve one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner to at least one adult; those served need not be the same for all meals.


Recognition (Tammy)

A patch (design to be determined) will be presented to every scout who complete all six challenges

All members of Troop 42 who complete all six challenges will also have a chance to win abig prize to be determined.


Notes for instructors

  • Provide instructions for completing the requirement for the troop meeting on the day your week starts. Think about what the scouts should do and how they report completions (email, photo, BAND poll, etc.).
  • Use technology to provide Explanation and Demonstration of the skills for your challenge, such as written instructions, a collection of photos, a video of you or your son performing the challenge, use your imagination. Provide photo/videos/links for examples.
  • Scouts can complete the task any time in the six weeks, not necessarily before the next week.
  • Be flexible and have fun!


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