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image06The current troop Quartermaster is Mathieu, and the adult Equipment Coordinator is Mr. Melvin.  Please direct all of your equipment needs, questions and issues to them (typically the Quartermaster first, the Equipment Coordinator second).

Currently Checked Out Gear:

Tent 14 – Michael W (9/16/16)

Tent 69 – Curtis F (10/14/16)

Tent 7 – Michael W (10/14/16)

Tote of Dishes – Mrs. Dana

Cooler D – Mrs. Dana

Broken Axe – Mr. Melvin (10/20/15)

Patrol Kitchen Assignments

Kitchen 1 – Ion Dragons (white)

Kitchen 2 – Radiactive Llamas (blue)

Kitchen 3 – Wolverines (orange)

Kitchen 4 – Spartans (red)

Kitchen 5 – Big Bang (yellow)

Gear Needing Repair

Tent 19 – Mildew (Mr. Melvin has)

Broken Lantern (glass is broken)

First Aid Kits need Refresh

Trailer Side Door needs Repair

Broken Axe Handle (Mr. Melvin has)

Need Safety Glasses for Axe Yard

Tent 14 – slice/tear in screen door (duct taped)

Tent 1.110 – no pole or stake bag

Recent Equipment Updates

2 New aluminum trailer flagpoles (8/13/16)

60 new heavy-duty tent stakes (3/1/16)

6 New backpacking Stoves (2/17/15)

Care and Cleaning of Tents:

  1. Do Not Use Washing Machine or Dryer to Clean Tents!!!
  2. Always Hang and Let Tent Fly Dry at Home regardless if you think it’s Dry or Not. It will have had condensation on the inside Even If You Can’t Feel It.
  3. If tent is wet, set up tent and allow it to dry outside, weather permitting. In case of inclement weather, allow tent to dry in garage or basement (day/strong light during drying is essential).
  4. This is to be performed regardless if outside tent floor is muddy. Lay down plastic ground cloth first to ensure lime from concrete floor doesn’t come in contact with wet tent during drying period. Avoid allowing tent to dry in contact with any oil spots in garage as well (hanging upside down spread out by four corners is acceptable practice).
  5. If tent is muddy hose it off, brush clean and let dry. This is a lot of work so try not to allow tent to fall into this condition.
  6. Sweep/brush off all debris from inside and outside of tent, including outside tent floor.
  7. Sweep/brush off all debris from tent fly.
  8. Use only mild soap and water, if necessary, to clean inside tent floor if dirty and allow it to dry. Do NOT use bleach or other harsh cleaners. If any part of tent or tent fly is ripped or torn, do NOT attempt to repair it.  Bring it to the attention of the troop Quartermasters and Equipment Chair at the next troop meeting.
  9. If any of the tent pole, tent peg, or main tent bags is dirty, wash using mild soap & water and allow to dry.  No dirt is to remain in any of these bags.
  10. All 12 tent pegs are to be taken out, dirt removed, and placed back in CLEAN tent peg bag head first (points up toward bag opening so they do not put holes in the bottom).  If any stakes are missing, please report that to the troop Quartermaster and/or Equipment Chair at the next troop meeting.
  11. All tent poles are to be taken out, dirt removed, allowed to dry disassembled so air can reach inside of poles, and placed back in clean pole bag. INSPECT shock cording for each tent poll to ensure reliability.  Anything that seems to be worn must be reported.
  12. After placing poles in pole bag, place tent peg bag into pole bag and tighten pull cord or tie.
  13. Do not put pole bag into the tent bag. The pole bag will be rolling in the tent first.
  14. Fold tent in half (or thirds depending upon the tent you have) lengthwise so that you end up with a width that is slightly less that the size of your tent bag.
  15. Fold clean and dried tent fly similar to tent and place this on top of the folded tent.
  16. Place the tent bag at one end of the tent/fly and TIGHTLY roll tent up around the tent poles.
  17. The entire roll should now fit easily into the tent bag.
  18. Sweep/brush off all debris from ground cloth. If necessary, hose off ground cloth and let dry. Fold ground cloth and place in tent bag. This should be the last item placed in tent bag
  19. Bring to next troop meeting and check it back in with the Quartermaster.

In the event you have a tent with a mold and/or mildew issue, please see the  Cleaning a Mold or Mildew Tent document and report it to the Quartermaster or Equipment Coordinator as soon as possible.

Responsibilities for Quartermaster and Equipment Coordinator (draft)



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