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Adult Roster


Adult Leaders

Scoutmaster – Marc Anderson

Assistant Scoutmaster – Corey McCallan

Assistant Scoutmaster – Richard Marcous

Assistant Scoutmaster – John Kyndt

Assistant Scoutmaster – (VACANT)


Committee Members

Charter Organization Representative – Tom Hicks

Troop Committee Chairman – Tammy Marcoux

Troop Secretary – (VACANT)

Troop Treasurer Lolita Schumacher

Troop Advancement Coordinator – Pam Anderson, Julie Anderson

Troop Equipment Coordinator – Bryan Melvin

Troop Outdoor/Activities Coordinator – Mike Ernst

Troop Summer Camp Coordinator – Jeff Beiermann

Troop Membership Coordinator – VACANT

Troop Training Coordinator – VACANT

Troop Communications Coordinator – Dana Carlton-Flint

Greens Sales Coordinator – Della Henriksen

Popcorn Kernel – VACANT

Nani-Ba-Zhu Representative – Richard Marcoux

Troop Chaplain – (VACANT)

District Leaders

Lewis and Clark District Executive  – Shauna Mullaly

Unit Commissioner (District Level) – Mel Clark

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