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Fall camporee events

Scouts and guests of Troop 42 will join the District Camporee at Camp Cedars this weekend. The weather forecast is dry and CHILLY. Low temperatures are expected in the 40’s on Friday and Saturday nights, and highs are predicted to be in the 60’s. Be sure to bring warm gloves, stocking hats for sleeping, and extra dry socks for an enjoyable fall weekend outdoors. You may also want to bring your fastest running shoes for the Scout Olympics.

Individual event are: discus throw, orienteering, running long jump/standing long jump, foot race, push up, sit up, and .22 marksmanship

Patrol event are: fireman carry, relay race, leaf ID, know your knots, scout trivia, and Saturday Night Skits. This is one reason why we practice knots at troop meetings: winning patrol contests!

See you at the camporee!

Mr A



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